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SIZE: 4m

The Crosswing is a compact, fully controllable inflatable wing with an incredibly wide range of use on water or land. Everything you need to fly the wing is contained in its fully integrated form.

Its simplicity is unmatched. The Cabrinha Crosswing is free of control lines, there is no mast, no separate boom or a control bar. Once you inflate the wing (in as little as 20 seconds), it is ready to fly.


  • Simplicity. It takes seconds, not minutes to setup. No rigging. No lines. 
  • Integrated. Everything needed to operate the wing is integrated into the design. 
  • Inflatable. Designed for water usage. Oceans. Lakes. Ponds. Anywhere with wind and water. 
  • Accessible. Launch from anywhere. Beaches, lakes, docks, etc. 
  • Compact. Packs down into a small pack. 
  • Versatile. Usage in a wide range of water and land sport genres. 
  • Compatible. Usable with 1000s of existing boards. 
  • Easy to use. Quick learning curve. 
  • Safe. Full control of power and depower. Simple self rescue. 

Rigid Frame 
The inflatable airframe technology provides the Crosswing with its unique rigid wing shape. The inflated outline and boom provide structure and performance at a fraction of the weight of aluminum. This literally makes the Crosswing as light as air.

Water Friendly 
The Crosswing’s rigid airframe makes it perfect for use on the water. The Crosswing floats in a resting state on the water until you are ready to pick it up and fly.

The inflatable airframe technology eliminates the need for large and heavy physical spars. Perfect for transportation and storage. Perfect for traveling. 
This user-friendly power source makes it the perfect tool to fly yourself across any body of water or land. The Crosswing is instantly compatible with 1000s of boards currently in use. From foil boards to snowboards to skateboards. The Crosswing’s simple and safe platform is the latest in Cabrinha’s complete line of performance inflatable power devices.

The Crosswing pairs very well with a foilboard. The efficiency of a foil board means that you can use a relatively small Crosswing with the board. Once up on the foil you will need very little power from the wing to fly. The size of the foil board should be in relation to your body weight. It’s easiest to use a board that sufficiently floats your weight and is stable enough to stand on. 
For the more experienced, you can use a small foil surfboard that requires waterstarting. This will also require sufficient wind but the increase in maneuverability is incredible.

A Crosswing can be used with any of the thousands of SUPs that are in circulation today. Whether it be light wind on a lake or strong wind on the ocean, the Crosswing pairs very well with SUPing.

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Medida Cometa 4
Color Yellow or Yellow/Black or Yellow/Grey or Yellow/Red
Temporada 2020
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